The Fayre

Some years ago we decided to ring the changes and move the show from Castle Street to Gostrey Meadow where, we believed, we could put on just as good a show with less disruption to traffic and few of the problems we have experienced with the previous venue. We weren't wrong! 

The Meadow gives us the opportunity to have a much larger area to provide the various activities at the Fayre. There are the usual performances, focusing on local bands as well as great performances from The Precarious Picaroons and Charley Farley's Sunday Four. Just look at a few of the photos from recent fayres showing the afternoon events. A great time is truly had by all.

Whats was new in 2018?

As the photos below show, the fayre was a fantastic success in 2018, building further on previous years success with some specific ideas. In addition we added more children's activities during the afternoon than ever before. That worked really well, we learned and are plan even more in 2019 on both this and an increase in the number of stalls.  What better way to promote or advertise your organisation to the population of Farnham, one of the best places to live in the UK! 

We are delighted to confirm that we were sold out in 2018, full to capacity, and we are now open for booking for 2019. We look forward to welcoming you to a great day out.

  DMF 7099
DMF 7125
Fayre 2016-3 DMF 7040
DMF 7066
DMF 7074
DMF 7122 DMF 7120 DMF 7104 DMF 7101 DMF 7103 DMF 7097 DMF 7095 DMF 7125 DMF 7114 DMF 7112 DMF 7082
DMF 7089
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And here below is some more from earlier years
Fayre 2016-10 Fayre 2016-11 Fayre 2016-12 Fayre 2015 1 Fayre 2015 2 Fayre 2015 3 Fayre 2015 4 Fayre 2015 5 Fayre 2015 6 Fayre 2015 7 Fayre 2015 8 Fayre 2015 9 Fayre 2015 10 Fayre 2015 11 Fayre 2015 12 Fayre 2015 13 Fayre 2015 14 Fayre 2015 15 Fayre 2015 16 Fayre 2015 17 Fayre 2015 18

Prior Years

Gostrey Meadow Fayre Farnham Lions Heartstart Camp

The riverside venue provides the perfect environment where anyone can relax or be stimulated as they choose.

We welcome back many stallholders year after year and look forward to doing so again in 2019, along, we hope, with some new local organisations to add even more to the day.  Book your stall by going to the booking section click here