The Hedgehogs

The Hedgehogs are a charity group unique to Farnham entering their 61st year having been formed in 1959 by members of the then Farnham Youth Club, who felt they wanted to help the local community in some positive way. This sentiment still holds firm in today's organisation and with its current  membership of over 50 who are drawn from all walks of life. 

From the outset, over 60 years ago, The Hedgehogs has raised funds for local needy individuals, causes, and charities within Farnham area.

Since 2001 the organisation has been a Registered Charity. Currently, The Hedgehogs raise over 80,000 a year --- and in the last decade have raised in excess of 600,000. All administration costs are covered by member's subscriptions, allowing 100% of monies raised to be distributed into Farnham and its surrounding villages. 

For more information on the Hedgehogs view their Website at www.the-hedgehogs.org.uk