Helping You Take Part

We appreciate the time and effort it takes to assemble a float or organise an entry and we will do our best to advise you whenever we can.

If you’re a local organisation or business, you could boost your profile in the community by entering the Carnival Parade and you'll be seen by the thousands of people that line the streets of Farnham on Carnival Day.

Marching Bands, Motorised Floats, Walking Entries, all together make a colourful, pulsating, energetic and exciting display.

Farnham Carnival is the biggest event in the town in June and is an incredible experience for all the community.

If you’ve never had a float before, talk to your friends or a local club/pub – they might be interested in getting involved.

Most importantly we want you to have a fun filled, fantastic and fabulous day.

Please READ THIS PAGE and the page on "CATEGORIES AND JUDGING” available by clicking here and then download and complete the "PARADE ENTRY FORM" downloadable by clicking below in your choice of formats.

                                                                                            Icon Parade Application Form 2020 - FINAL.docx 


1.Entries for participation in the parade must be made using the entry form and submitted before the deadline (19th June 2020). Late entries will not be accepted. Entry Forms can be downloaded clicking on the links above, or are available from Chris Wilson, Farnham Carnival, 11 Longhope Drive, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4SN.

2.Remember, Carnival is supposed to be fun and not a platform for demonstration of political views or strong beliefs.

3.Farnham Carnival reserves the right to exclude any participant that has falsified the application information or whose actions or attire are not in the best interests or spirit of the Carnival. Farnham Carnival reserves the right to refuse entries, which, in the opinion of the organisers may give offence.

4.Farnham Carnival will seek the immediate removal of a participant, that in the opinion of the organisers, is causing a nuisance, annoyance or danger to themselves, other participants in the Farnham Carnival or the public.

5.No alcohol, ‘legal high’ or illegal items or substances are permitted on the parade or in the preparation and disassembly areas. At their discretion, Farnham Carnival may remove anyone they believe to be under the influence of alcohol, ‘legal high’ or illegal substances.

6.Participants shall indemnify Farnham Carnival from and against all actions, proceedings, damage, claims, losses or outgoings of whatever nature arising out of the participant’s entry in the Carnival. Farnham Carnival will not be responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage to property. 

7.Participants must co-operate with Farnham Carnival regarding risk assessments of the Carnival both in its entirety and of individual entries. Entrants may be excluded if the risk assessment identifies risks which in the opinion of the Carnival organisers are unacceptable.

8.Participants must immediately comply with any reasonable instruction given by Farnham Carnival Marshals or officials in the interests of Health and Safety.

9.The distribution of any printed advertising material during the parade must be agreed by Farnham Carnival prior to or on Carnival day.

10.Participants are responsible for obtaining parent or guardian consent for persons under 16 years of age to participate in the Parade. Evidence of consent is to be available for inspection at any time prior to and during the parade.

11.Entrants will be covered for Performing Rights liabilities by the Organisers for the duration of the parade activities.

12.Any photographs or video images taken by Farnham Carnival can be used for publicity – e.g. Website, Social Media and Printed Material etc. Farnham Carnival are unable to control the use of photographs taken during the event by the public or others.

13.All Judge’s and Farnham Carnival decisions will be final.



Proof of permission will be required on Carnival Day

2. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their floats/entries and/or associated equipment are properly constructed, assembled, anchored securely and that no modifications have been made which constitute a real or potential safety hazard. Motorised floats must be provided with restraining devices to ensure individual’s safety whilst the float is stationary or moving -- a maximum speed of 4 mph is mandatory for such entries.

3. Float organisers may be requested to provide the following information (a) Name of Driver (b) Address of Driver (c) Vehicle Insurance Details.

It is recommended that ALL vehicles carry a suitable fire extinguisher(s).

Provision of vehicles, PA systems and generators are the sole responsibility of the participant.

4. Involvement in the parade is entirely at each participant’s own risk.

5. Participants will be required to provide a LEAD STEWARD and adult stewards from the group (we recommend 1 steward per 8 participants) to look after their members on the day.

6. No pyrotechnics or throwing of objects (including sweets) into the crowd, dangerous items or substances is allowed. Throwing or squirting of water or any other liquid is forbidden -- you will be asked to leave the Parade if water or missiles are used.

7. Participants should ensure that:

Drink/refreshments are available to participants to prevent dehydration and hunger.

Suitable alternative clothing is available for adverse weather conditions.

Sun hats and sun-screen should be provided by the participants if the weather is hot

Necessary wheelchairs, buggies etc are to be available.

Costumes shall be fit for purpose regarding comfort, weight, and manoeuvrability. 

Farnham Carnival accept no responsibility for dress code copyright.


1. Street Collection

All entrants must comply with the Waverley Borough Council Street Collection Regulations -- The Street Collection Licence is obtained by Farnham Carnival. The regulations are available to download:


All money collected will be distributed to the charities, schools and volunteer groups that take part in the Parade. Authorised “Farnham Carnival” Collection Buckets MUST be used to collect ALL monies and returned to Farnham Carnival at the end of the Parade.

2. Payments to Entries

If you are entering on behalf of a charity, school and volunteer group you must advise us of this on the PARADE ENTRY APPLICATION FORM & PROVIDE BANK DETAILS otherwise you may not be eligible to receive a payment.


1.All Entries should assemble in the Upper Hart Car Park at The Hart, Farnham for judging to commence at 4.45 pm.  You can choose NOT to be judged. If you choose not to be judged you must arrive in the Upper Hart Car Park by 5pm.

2.Please arrive in good time and ensure that your LEAD STEWARD registers your entry on arrival at the Control point. After registration, you will be directed to the appropriate area in the car park.

3.Vehicle Insurance is the responsibility of the entrant. Any vehicle which will include people not using the vehicle's normal seating MUST be specifically insured for such use.

4.Farnham Carnival may ask for a written declaration prior to or on the day that adequate insurance is in place.

5.Cars which are not part of the carnival parade should not enter the Upper Hart Car Park unless prior approval has been given.

6.The Parade moves off from the Upper Hart Car Park at 6.00 pm and takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete the route and return

7.Please follow the instructions of the Upper Hart Car Park marshals as to the order for joining the parade, this is for safety reasons and to avoid congestion and “music clash” 

We expect your absolute co-operation in making this an enjoyable and unforgettable day for all participants and spectators.

AFTER READING THIS PAGE and the page on "CATEGORIES AND JUDGING” which you can go directly tohere please, complete the "PARADE ENTRY FORM" --- Downloaded from this page 

                                                                                                 Icon Parade Application Form 2020 - FINAL.docx 

The above rules will be enforced by the Farnham Carnival Committee or any representative of Farnham Carnival Committee (“Farnham Carnival”).

Farnham Carnival is jointly organised and managed by “The Hedgehogs” and “Farnham Lions”. If you have questions regarding the Carnival, or your participation please e-mail 


Patron: Sir Ray Tindle, C.B.E., D.L., F.C.I.S., F.C.I.J., F.C.I. Arb.

The Registered Charity Number for the Hedgehogs is 1092862 and for the Farnham Lions is 290242

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